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Cornerstone Foundation Collaborates with Money Mammals and Hosts Webinar

Posted: Jun 8, 2021 | Author:
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Cornerstone Foundation and The Art of Allowance Project, featuring The Money Mammals and the new tween- and teen-focused ADOLESCENT$ program, have announced their collaboration to help credit unions help parents raise financially savvy kids of all ages.

Money is no guarantee of happiness; however, a lack of money almost certainly makes life more difficult. In an America with debt at epidemic proportions and fixed retirement vehicles disappearing, parents know they need to raise money-smart kids while becoming better money-smart models themselves. The Art of Allowance Project is designed to help families address the critical financial literacy issues of our times.

As a Cornerstone Foundation Preferred Financial Capability Service Provider, The Art of Allowance Project provides parents with videos, essays, podcasts and classes on an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly site. The Money Mammals’ books, apps, videos, and online games teach essential “money smarts” that set children on the right financial path for the future.

ADOLESCENT$ picks up in kids’ tween and teen years to build on the basics they’ve already learned to prepare them for the adult world. Designed with teens, ADOLESCENT$ features videos, articles, and practical, shareable resources that focus on teaching and guiding rather than telling and forcing behavior. 

“We are excited to add The Art of Allowance Project, The Money Mammals, and ADOLESCENT$ to our preferred financial capability initiative,” said Cornerstone Foundation Executive Director Courtney Moran. “Snigglezoo’s programming uniquely speaks to the family spectrum and sets up the entire family for financial success.”

“We created Money Mammals over a decade ago to get kids excited to learn about money smarts, and we’ve been working with credit unions nationwide ever since,” said John Lanza, chief mammal. “I wrote The Art of Allowance to help parents leverage The Money Mammals’ money-smart engagement through experience with the real money an allowance provide, because don’t we all learn best through direct experience?”

“We recently re-envisioned our entire credit union program along similar lines to empower families, both kids and parents,” Lanza continued. “For example, we created ADOLESCENT$ to ensure we covered kids from birth to young adulthood. I’m excited that our credit union partners are discovering that the Art of Allowance Project can help them forge loyalty bonds with families.”

Attend a Free Webinar about How Credit Unions Can Participate

The Cornerstone Foundation will present an Art of Allowance Project informational webinar on Tuesday, June 29, at 10 a.m. CT. Learn how the Art of Allowance Project helps parents raise money-smart kids while helping credit unions develop lifelong members. Interested credit union leaders may register here.

To learn more, visit the Cornerstone Foundation online.  


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