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Cornerstone Foundation Collaborates with Sammy Rabbit to Teach Early-Age Financial Literacy

Posted: May 26, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League
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Cornerstone Foundation and Sammy Rabbit have announced their collaboration to bring early-age financial literacy education resources and programs to kids, families, schools, and communities via credit unions.

Sammy Rabbit ( was established in 2001 as an entrepreneurial enterprise and global leader in the innovation and delivery of early-age and family financial literacy education resources and experiences. Distinctive features of this dynamic and award-winning approach to financial education include a focus on “habit formation”; the integration of personal finance messages into storybooks, music, and activities; and an interactive learning methodology. 

Credit unions have long been champions of financial literacy education. This unique collaboration gains leverage from Cornerstone Foundation’s credit union network.

“Sammy Rabbit makes it easy for parents, teachers, credit union professionals, and others to talk to and teach kids about great money habits,” said Courtney Moran, executive director of Cornerstone Foundation. “His head, heart, and hug approach to money makes a frequently dull topic engaging for everyone, especially kids. Out of that engagement, we want kids building their financial knowledge and capability early in life, so they are better prepared to experience more financial stability, security, and freedom as they age.”

Cornerstone Foundation will present an informational webinar about this collaboration and the benefits to credit unions on June 23 at 10 a.m. Interested credit union leaders may register here.

Through its Preferred Partner Program, credit unions and their members and partners will receive access to a wide array of Sammy Rabbit products, programs, and services at discounted pricing. A portion of all proceeds will be contributed to Cornerstone Foundation. Additionally, everyone participating is welcome to access the online resources at Cornerstone Foundation’s “Learn with Sammy Resource Hub.”

Learn more at the Foundation’s website.



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