Cornerstone Foundation Partners with Plinqit

Posted: May 6, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League
Cornerstone Foundation  financial capability  Preferred Financial Capability Service Provider 

Cornerstone Foundation has partnered with Preferred Financial Capability Service Provider Plinqit to help Cornerstone member credit unions offer their members an easy way to save.

Plinqit is a mobile platform that is unlike any other savings app on the market. It pays users for engaging with content and advice and helps them set savings goals that they fund from their checking account. It will allow member credit unions to create higher user engagement rates and more natural cross-selling opportunities.

“We added Plinqit as a Preferred Financial Capability Service Provider because we recognize the need for tech-driven, mobile-friendly options to help credit unions compete for millennials and a younger generation of consumers,” said Courtney Moran, Cornerstone Foundation executive director. “Plinqit will help our member credit unions connect with their members in a meaningful way. The platform offers a fun, rewarding and social experience that unites credit unions’ brands with their digital consumers as they pursue financial wellness.” 

Kathleen Craig, CEO of HT Mobile Apps (HTMA), the Ann Arbor, Mich. fintech that offers the Plinqit app, said she was thrilled to work with Cornerstone Foundation.

“As soon as we connected, we knew our core values were aligned,” she said. “By helping their credit unions offer Plinqit we truly believe we are helping them empower people to improve their financial well-being. Plinqit is a proven technology, helping 80% of our users reach their savings goals.”

About HTMA
Michigan-based HTMA is an innovative FinTech company serving banks and credit unions across the country to easily and cost effectively introduce new services for attracting and retaining customers. HTMA offerings include Banker Jr., Member Jr., Hip Pocket and Plinqit, the first savings app of its kind that pays users for engaging with content through its patented Build Skills™. For more information, visit


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