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Cornerstone Foundation poised to help CUs impacted by winter storms

Posted: Feb 23, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League
Disaster Relief  Foundation 

Severe winter storms moved across the Cornerstone region last week, resulting in power outages and water shortages. Many families need help covering expenses to fix broken pipes and make other household repairs. The Cornerstone Foundation has disaster relief grants available, and its staff is poised to help those credit union employees and board members impacted by the recent storms. To learn more.

“In times of crisis, the Foundation is here to help our credit union employees and board members get back on their feet so they can be there for their members,” said Foundation Executive Director Courtney Moran. “Disaster relief grants can help them do just that, and we encourage those affected to seek the assistance they need.”

To apply for a disaster relief grant.

For more information, contact Grants Manager Emily Moreno at

Foundation encourages donations to disaster relief efforts

The Cornerstone Foundation is requesting contributions to its disaster relief fund to ensure they have ample resources for the growing needs in the upcoming weeks. You can help by texting SNOWSTORMRELIEF to 44-321 or giving via the Foundation website.

Another way to help is through the purchase of the Foundation’s cookbook, Cooking with Cornerstone, which is available for sale on the Foundation’s website. All proceeds from the cookbook support the general disaster relief fund. Learn more about Cooking with Cornerstone.

“It’s through charitable support from our credit union community that the Foundation is able to help those employees and board members who need it most,” said Moran. “I urge anyone who would like to contribute to make a donation to our disaster relief fund, helping our neighbors in the Cornerstone region.”

For more information, please contact Foundation Executive Director Courtney Moran at


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