CUNA 2020 Maxwell, Herring, Desjardins National Award winners announced

Posted: Nov 19, 2020 | Author: Cornerstone League
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The Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) National Awards Committee announced the 2020 recipients of the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service Award, the Louise Herring Philosophy-in-Action Member Service Award, and the Desjardins Awards for Financial Education. The awards, which are given in several credit union asset sizes, were selected among the winning entries at a league level.

“Congratulations to the 2020 CUNA Award winners who are being recognized for their commitment to their communities, particularly in a time when they’re needed the most,” said CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle. “We celebrate their efforts in social responsibility, the credit union philosophy and financial education.”

The Dora Maxwell Award is presented to credit unions for outstanding social responsibility projects in their communities. First-place winners for the Dora Maxwell Award include:

  • East River FCU (Madison, S.D.)
  • Tarrant County’s Credit Union (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • First Commerce Credit Union (Tallahassee, Fla.)
  • Metro Credit Union (Boston, Mass.)
  • Mid-Michigan Chapter of Credit Unions (Mich.)

The Louise Herring Award is given to a credit union demonstrating the internal application of credit union philosophy to help better financial matters and increase financial education for its members. First-place winners for the Louise Herring Award include:

  • One Detroit Credit Union (Detroit, Mich.)
  • Guadalupe Credit Union (Santa Fe, N.M.)
  • True Sky Credit Union (Oklahoma City, Okla.)
  • MSU Federal Credit Union (East Lansing, Mich.)

The Desjardins Awards honor credit unions, chapters, and leagues for their commitment to youth and adult financial literacy. First-place winners for the Desjardins Awards include:

Desjardins Youth

  • Financial Health Federal Credit Union (Indianapolis, Ind.)
  • Guadalupe Credit Union (Santa Fe, N.M.)
  • CP Financial Credit Union f/k/a CP Federal Credit Union (Jackson, Mich.)
  • San Mateo Credit Union (Redwood City, Calif.)

Desjardins League

  • Maine Credit Union League (Maine)

Desjardins Adult

  • Nova Credit Union (Greensboro, N.C.)
  • Education Credit Union (Amarillo, Texas)
  • Virginia Credit Union (Fredericksburg, Va.)

Additional details on the winning projects will be available as CUNA recognizes the credit unions throughout the coming months.

Dora Maxwell

Less than $50 million in assets

  • First: East River FCU (S.D.)
  • Second: Energize Credit Union (Okla.)

$50-250 million in assets

  • First: Tarrant County’s Credit Union (Texas)
  • Second: North Central Area Credit Union (Mich.)
  • Honorable mention: Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union (N.C.)

$250 million—$1 billion in assets

  • First: First Commerce Credit Union (Fla.)
  • Second: First Community Credit Union (N.D.)
  • Honorable mention: Telhio Credit Union (Ohio)

More than $1 billion in assets

  • First: Metro Credit Union (Mass.)
  • Second: GECU (Texas)
  • Honorable mention: Commonwealth Credit Union (Ky.)

Chapter or Credit Union Group

  • First: Mid-Michigan Chapter of Credit Unions (Mich.)

Dora Maxwell was an original signer of CUNA’s constitution and a tireless organizer of hundreds of credit unions throughout the United States. Maxwell also developed volunteer organizer clubs and worked diligently with organizations on behalf of the poor. The Maxwell Award is presented to credit unions for outstanding social responsibility projects in their communities. Activities may include solving core community problems, coordinating supply drives for the needy, raising money or organizing special events for charitable organizations, or mentoring students. 


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