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Rebranding and the importance of listening to members

Posted: Nov 18, 2020 | Author: Cornerstone League
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Cornerstone Credit Union League recently rebranded its organization to Cornerstone League, dropping “credit union” from its name and modernizing the logo and website. The Cornerstone organization is made up of the League, Resources, and the Foundation. The team decided to simplify things and leverage the Cornerstone name in all three entities.

CUbroadcast host Mike Lawson interviewed Cornerstone League President and CEO Caroline Willard and VP of Marketing and Communications Sylvia Lawson to find out more.

“You’ll notice the word ‘credit union’ does not appear in the League’s name,” said Willard. “Cornerstone League is a quicker read; it’s cleaner and has less visual clutter.”

Sylvia Lawson added that the Cornerstone League is an established brand within the credit union industry. “It’s already recognizable without the use of ‘credit union’ in the name. We moved ‘credit unions’ to our tagline, so people are still aware that we are for and about credit unions.”

Sylvia Lawson and Willard provided the reasoning behind the rebrand using lots of data, as well as what the initiative consisted of, how it will benefit the organization, and lessons learned.

“My biggest recommendation is to make sure you listen to what your members are saying,” said Sylvia Lawson. “We offer some valuable products and services and membership value, and we wanted to put a visual stamp on that.”

To watch the interview.


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