Would you rather get picked last for dodgeball than have your policies audited?

Posted: Jun 22, 2022 | Author: InfoSight
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Would you…



With CU PolicyPro, credit unions have a comprehensive suite of features to create, maintain, and distribute policies. The system tools allow for easy documentation and review of changes throughout the life cycle of a policy, which can be invaluable to answer questions during an audit.

  • Track changes tools allow users to visually show new or deleted text in a policy.
  • Auditing Notes provides a history of policy changes and updates.
  • Reports give a snapshot view of policies in the system and all associated activity dates.
  • Archiving and publishing offer a historical look at previous policy versions. 
  • Model policies are reviewed quarterly and, if necessary, updated to keep current with changing laws and regulations.

CU PolicyPro can’t improve your dodgeball skills, but it can help keep you on top of your policy game!


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