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Heads Up: Dec. 1 Webinar on Bankruptcies!

The good news is that bankruptcies have diminished during the pandemic by virtue of “enhanced” unemployment benefits and moratoria on foreclosures and evictions. The not-so-good news is that the benefits and moratoria have now expired, so landlords and mortgage lenders can be expected to resort to legal remedies. 

  • Question of the Week

    Question: If we have a joint account without rights of survivorship and one member dies, what is the best method to manage the remaining member? Answer: Joint accounts are presumed to belong to both members on an account in equal shares, so when one member dies, half of the funds on deposit are presumed to belong to the estate of the deceased member, and the other half to the surviving member.
  • Webinar: How to Ace Virtual Meetings and Stay Productive in a Post-COVID World

    A lack of clarity can devalue, diminish, or even disrupt your virtual meetings. Let us show you how to connect with your team productively and focus on the most important work at hand at our upcoming webinar.
  • Question of the Week

    Question: When do we use the “multiple transactions” box on a Currency Transaction Report? Answer: It is proper to use the multiple transactions box when there are multiple transactions being filled out by or for the person named in the appropriate Part I.
  • June is Pride Month

    It’s June, which means it’s officially Pride month.
  • Administration Proposes Expanded Reporting to IRS

    The Treasury Department has released the Biden Administration's Budget (the "Greenbook") for Fiscal Year 2022.
  • FinCEN Innovation Hours Program on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

    The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has announced it will host a special virtual FinCEN Innovation Hours Program on Sept. 9, 2021...
  • Yellen Asks Congress for Project Funding

    In testimony before the House Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government Committee on Appropriations, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen pointed to sections of the administration's formal budget where funding is needed.
  • EIP3 Payments Continue

    The IRS has reported it disbursed more that 1.8 million additional Economic Impact Payments under the American Rescue Plan in the past two weeks, with the assistance of the Treasury Department and the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.
  • ICE Extends COVID-19 Form I-9 Guidance

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced an extension of the flexibilities in rules related to Form I-9 compliance that was initially granted last year.
  • Question of the Week

    Question: If we’ve recently repossessed a vehicle, why do we have to give the vehicle back if the member files for bankruptcy? Answer: Because of the automatic stay.


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