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The Vaccine Mandates: What They Mean for Your Credit Union

President Joe Biden issued a COVID-19 Action Plan, “Path out of the Pandemic,” which includes an effort to reduce the number of unvaccinated Americans by using regulatory powers and other actions to increase vaccination numbers.

  • Question of the Week

    Question: Are we required to provide copies of cancelled checks? Answer: Yes. UCC 4-406 states that if you provide a statement showing payments of items on the account, you either return or make available to the member the items paid or provide information in the statement of account sufficient to allow the member reasonably to identify the items paid.
  • NCUA Board Approves Final Rules on CUSOs and CAMELS Rating System, Briefed on Cybersecurity

    Through a live webcast, the National Credit Union Administration Board held its ninth open meeting of 2021 and approved two items...
  • Don’t be afraid of Compliance!

    InfoSight is not just for compliance officers. InfoSight is a FREE resource provided by Cornerstone League that gives you access to 15 major compliance areas with easy-to-read summaries, links to applicable laws, regulations, resources, checklists, and frequently asked questions.
  • Risk Alert: Business Email Compromise Through Exploitation of Cloud-Based Email Services

    According to the NCUA’s recent press release, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, cybercriminals are targeting organizations that use popular cloud-based email services to conduct business email compromise scams.
  • Ransomware Information: Virtual Currency

    The Treasury Department recently announced that, building on OFAC's earlier designation of a virtual currency exchange for facilitating transactions for ransomware actors, additional steps have been taken to help the virtual currency industry prevent exploitation by sanctioned persons and other illicit actors.
  • OFAC Guidance for Virtual Currency Industry

    OFAC has posted a notice that it has published a brochure, "Sanctions Compliance Guidance for the Virtual Currency Industry," as a resource to help members of the virtual currency industry navigate and comply with OFAC sanctions.
  • What’s Happening with LIBOR??

    Back in 2019, the CFPB published information regarding the discontinuation of LIBOR, indicating that it is expected to be discontinued.
  • Registration Open for the NCUA Automated Cybersecurity Evaluation Toolbox Webinar

    The National Credit Union Administration is hosting a 60-minute webinar on the NCUA’s Automated Cybersecurity Evaluation Toolbox (ACET) beginning at 3 p.m. ET on Thursday, Oct. 28. It will be followed by a question-and-answer session.
  • Question of the Week

    Question: Can you explain to me a little bit about how Regulation E disputes work? How much is the member liable for? Answer: Reg E liability limits the amount that a member loses when either an access device is stolen, an unauthorized transaction occurs, or there is another sort of error that causes the member’s balance to be reduced.
  • A Day in the Life of a Compliance Officer

    Regardless of a credit union’s size or complexity, the compliance officer’s responsibilities span every department and all the products and services offered.


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