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Posted: Jul 2, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League
CU Webinar Network 
Credit Union Webinar Network

Did you know that our online training partner CU Webinar Network produces dozens of webinars each month on job-specific topics? You can search within a particular category or browse the calendar to find training for your whole team, including the board of directors. As a Cornerstone member, you‘ll enjoy an affordable rate, and if you purchase tokens to distribute among your staff all year, the value is even higher.

Check out these upcoming live webinars:

And don’t miss these on-demand options:

When purchasing live webinars, we encourage you to opt for the digital download, as well. Oftentimes the download is available for the same price. The digital download option is included with on-demand purchases. Once you purchase a webinar and download the file, you can access the material indefinitely, adding to your internal training library. This makes training an entire department convenient when not everyone can attend the live training. It also helps with new hires and serves as a great tool for refreshing training.

Credit Union Webinar Network has hundreds of webinars on timely, relevant topics available at an affordable rate. View all webinars here

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