Call for Nominations: Asset Category 4 League Board Director


Submit your Cornerstone League board director nomination for Asset Category 4 ($970 million or more) at-large position by Thursday, July 15

Members may nominate a candidate within their credit union’s asset category. Eligible candidates must be either senior level management staff, or voting board member of the member credit union which he/she is representing; and a member of a member credit union.


Submit a Nomination

In addition to the nomination and consent form, candidates must also submit a candidate’s profile and director information questionnaire.

Please see the following for more details. (add pdf from info box) and submit the nominations to Cornerstone League Corporate Secretary Linda Cates at You may also mail your nomination to Ms. Cates at: 

Cornerstone League
Attn: Linda Cates
P.O. Box 655147 
Dallas, TX 75265-5147


Please contact Linda Cates at 800-442-5762, ext. 6482 or via email at with questions.