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Amber Bailey Education Manager 469-385-6639 
Sherrel Barry Publications & Communications Manager 469-385-6823
Shannon Batchler Administrative Services Manager 469-385-6653
Nathan Behncke Regulatory & Compliance Consultant 512-853-8514
Jack Blachly General Counsel 469-385-6411
Delana Bolen Sales Director, CU Resources 469-385-6425
Skeeter Brosius Grassroots Director 501-683-8312
Deana Brown Auditing & Consulting Services Manager, CU Resources 469-385-6464
Kati Buchanan Engagement Manager 469-385-6424
Carrie Buchholz Social & Mobile Communications Manager 405-445-1512
Kelly Burns Operations & Engagement Consultant 469-385-6825
Linda Cates Corporate Secretary & Legal Assistant 469-385-6482
Gili Carter Executive Director, TXCUA 469-385-6488
Kimberly Cockrill Government Relations Communications & Political Engagement Manager 469-385-6413
Marcus Cotton Executive Search VP, CU Resources 832-200-8714
Bonnie Cox Executive Administrative Assistant, CU Resources 469-385-6421
Mike Delker CU Relations SVP 469-385-6826
Cheryl Ehmann SCAR AVP, CU Resources 469-385-6803
Tracy Florida Partner Relations Manager, CU Resources 469-385-6641
Doug Foister Research Director 469-385-6477
Tamra Gaines Experiences & Events VP 469-385-6642
Lorri Gaither Operations & Engagement VP 469-385-6423
Marina Garcia Financial Capability Director, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation  469-385-6445
Norma Garza Remote Transaction Resources AVP, CU Resources 469-385-6827
Steve Gibbs Risk Management & Compliance AVP, CU Resources 469-385-6637
Miranda Gibson Remote Transactions Resources Coordinator, CU Resources 469-385-6820
Jon Gorman Communications & Outreach SVP 469-385-6412
Sonia Greene Advocacy Coordinator 512-853-8510
Paula Harris Internal Business Services Manager 469-385-6677
Vicki Harris ALM Financial Analyst 469-385-6497
Karen Hart EVP, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer 469-385-6651
Mary Jelks Executive Administrative Assistant 469-385-6409
April Krause Political & Grassroots Director 469-385-6487
Barbra Lowman EVP, Chief Growth Officer 469-385-6439
Angie Lutes
Administrative Coordinator, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation 469-385-6447
Cristina Martinez CU Relations Administrative Assistant 469-385-6403
Janine McBee Experiences & Events Director 469-385-6634
Carmela McDermott Account Executive, CU Resources 832-567-7083
Courtney Moran Executive Director, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation 469-385-6448
Emily Moreno Grants Manager, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation 469-385-6483
Hugo Perez Graphics & Production Artist 469-385-6415
Keona Petties CU House Event Coordinator 405-445-1513
Jim Phelps Chief Government Relations Officer/SVP 469-385-6481
Jeff Phillipich Innovation & Product Development Director 469-385-6627
Ben Quattrochi Account Executive, CU Resources 469-385-6828
Idrees Rafiq IT Consulting VP, CU Resources 469-385-6799
Daniel Rangel Operations & Engagement Consultant 469-385-6821
Deborah Rightmire ALM & Financial Analysis Director 469-385-6496
Greg Robertson Operations & Engagement VP 469-385-6829
Cynthia Rogstad Internal Audit AVP, CU Resources 469-385-6805
Vicky Salkeld Executive Director, ARCUA 501-944-6131
Cheryl Sayers Remote Transaction Resources Consultant, CU Resources 469-385-6427
Eric Schneider Account Executive, CU Resources 469-385-6410
Charlotte Spencer Legislative & Regulatory Director 512-853-8511
Chad Stanislav Audit & Consulting Services VP, CU Resources 469-385-6461
Brooke Stone Culture & Talent Management Director 469-385-6416
Steve Stovall Product & Experiential Marketing Manager, CU Resources 469-385-6473
Chris Thomas Executive Search Relationship Specialist, CU Resources 469-385-6623
Brandon Walker Events & Exhibits Manager 469-385-6426
Nate Webb Executive Director, OKCUA 405-445-1510
Caroline Willard President/CEO 469-385-6404
Sylvia Wofford Strategic Marketing Director 469-385-6471
Jessica Wood Digital Communications Director 469-385-6414
Suzanne Yashewski Regulatory & Compliance Counsel 512-853-8516
Staci Zale Development Director, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation 469-385-6443
Gretchen Ziegler Executive Director, Government Relations 469-385-6484