Cornerstone / Heartland Merger

Information regarding the merger with HCUA

Cornerstone League and Heartland Credit Union Association (HCUA) members have voted in favor of a merger between the organizations. Of the 283 members who voted, 263 Cornerstone and HCUA members have voted in favor of the merger, clearing the path for the consolidation of the two entities.

HCUA members voted Oct. 24-28 while Cornerstone’s members voted in a special membership meeting on Monday morning. The final tallied results: HCUA members voted 121-17; Cornerstone members voted 142-3. 

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News & Updates

Merger Plan

Cornerstone League and Heartland Credit Union Association have created a high-level merger plan document that details the benefits of a merger and an outline of the next steps. Member credit unions interested in viewing this document can request one.


March 2022: Official discussions began
June 21, 2022: Letter of Intent was signed
July - Aug. 2022: Due diligence performed
July - Sept. 2022: Town hall meetings
Sept. 2022: Boards of directors approved the merger agreement
Oct. 31, 2022: Member credit unions voted to approve the merger
Jan. 1, 2023: Legal merger and key integrations complete

About HCUA

Serves approximately 175 credit unions in Kansas and Missouri with 23 employees. 

Offices in Overland Park and Topeka, Kansas, and in St. Louis and Jefferson City, Missouri.

HCUA’s league service corporation and Foundation will both be part of the consolidation. 

Benefits for Cornerstone Members


As a larger regional league, Cornerstone and HCUA can preserve the unique role of financial cooperatives in the marketplace


Two well-capitalized leagues = stronger regional influence

Advocacy Icon

Even more effective advocacy


Continued advocacy presence in each state capital


Larger talent pool
= opportunities for innovation and bench depth to support succession planning


Greater efficiency
= less reliance on dues dollars, keeping credit unions’ costs as low as possible


Additional products and services 


Expanded networking options
for members

Better Together


  • 358 small credit unions (less than $90 million) 
    • Includes 56 non-affiliates
  • 134 mid-size credit unions ($90 million to $749 million) 
    • Includes 23 non-affiliates
  • 52 large credit unions ($750 million and more) 
    • Includes 12 non-affiliates 



  • 131 small credit unions (less than $90 million)
    • Includes 1 associate and 17 non-affiliates
  • 41 mid-size credit unions ($90 million to $750 million) 
    • Includes 5 associates and 1 non-affiliate
  • 12 large credit unions ($750 million and more)
    • Includes 4 associates and 1 non-affiliate 



  • 489 small credit unions
  • 175 mid-size credit unions
  • 64 large credit unions 

Combining two highly effective teams of employees will boost both capacity and talent: 

  • Cornerstone: 92
  • HCUA: 23
  • Combined: 115


What is the benefit of the merger to Cornerstone members?
Why are Cornerstone and HCUA exploring a merger?
How will Cornerstone ensure its member value proposition isn’t diluted?
Will Resources and the Foundation also merge?
Will Cornerstone credit unions give up board seats?
Is HCUA financially healthy?
What will happen with Cornerstone and HCUA employees? Will members still be able to engage with the same people as before?
Will there be changes to Annual Meeting and other events?
How will Cornerstone ensure the development needs of smaller credit unions will be met?
What products and services will my credit union have access to?
Why would a league need to merge?
How big is too big? We already have a “big” national trade association that serves credit unions throughout the country.
Will adding more states to Cornerstone dilute the value of my dues dollars?
What will happen with our dues?

Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the merger or would like a copy of the merger plan, please contact us.

For media inquiries, please contact