Alise Cortez, PhD

Alise Cortez

Across a breadth of industries and geographies, Alise Cortez, PhD is regarded as an expert in organizational development, complex enterprise strategy implementation, and leadership transformation and development. With her 20+ years of experience in the human resources and consulting fields, clients seek Alise’s experience in transformational consulting and executive coaching to develop potent leaders and accomplish strategic business objectives.

As a testament to her transformational work, when DIRECTV, the United States’ largest satellite television provider by market share, saw holes within its information technology leadership, the organization solicited Alise’s expertise to strengthen the team. Alise identified a business need to establish a “strengths-based” culture for its information technology department. She empowered leaders in the business unit to create this culture by encouraging employees to draw on self-motivating talents and think differently about their work. This change in mindset produced actions that created unprecedented results including measurable performance boosts and decreases in the time and cost of IT services across the enterprise. Alise also designed and installed gamification content on DIRECTV’s e-learning portal to support the ongoing use and improvement of these self-motivating skills.

In addition to her consulting, Alise has been researching the manner in which people find meaning in their work for more than a decade. This laborious and rewarding research has culminated in her hosting a weekly radio show on the Voice America’s Empowerment channel called “Working on Purpose.”

Alise holds a PhD in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California, a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of Oklahoma, and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of Iowa. Through extensive travel and living abroad in Western Europe and South America, she has also developed deep knowledge and appreciation of several cultures.

Alise is passionate about travel, learning new languages, connecting with and experiencing diverse cultures, and her daughter, Gabriella.

Women Taking Charge of Their Lives and Leading Others

In keeping with Sheryl Sandberg’s work, it’s important that women and men alike take an active role in increasing equality and contribution in the workplace. That said, women alone are best equipped to decide what they really want from their life and work, and then act to realize it. Everyone benefits when women work to overcome real or self-imposed barriers to achieving what they most want – their employers, their children, their community, and certainly themselves. There are countless examples of real, interesting, and inspiring women who have created a fulfilling life for themselves and who also impact their organizations and community through their leadership efforts. Having a community of strong women enjoying their lives and making a difference is an essential ingredient for our own self-realization and can be the impetus we need to contribute our best talents and leadership. The key is stepping up to the challenge and “leaning in.”

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