Breakout Session #8

Howard Bufe

Understanding Financial Statements
Howard Bufe, CU Resources, Inc.

Gain a working familiarity of basic finance and accounting practices, including the ability to read and understand the credit union’s balance sheet and income statement.  Have the ability to ask, as appropriate, substantive question of management and auditors.

About Howard Bufe

Howard Bufe is Assistant Vice President of OnBalance, a department of Credit Union Resources Inc., a subsidiary of the Cornerstone Credit Union League.  OnBalance provides professional planning, consulting and training.  Howard also works as a Financial Analyst for ALM Resources a department of the Cornerstone Credit Union League providing analysis, commentary and guidance for individual credit unions.  Howard has also provided consultation and training for management and staff of both the Barbados and Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union Leagues.  Howard has worked in the Financial Services Industry 30 years.  His experience includes Assistant Controller, Financial Analyst, and Trainer. Howard earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Lubbock Christian University.