Breakout Session #6

John Vardallas

3 RXs for Future Effective CU Boards: Recruiting, Retaining, Revitalizing Next Generation Directors
John Vardallas,

This session will explore methods for identifying, recruiting and retaining credit union volunteers including an overview of the roles and board responsibilities and succession of board members.

  • Identify the right type of persons to serve
  • Explore proper recruitment emphasizing younger new candidates
  • Create strategies for a Balance Board that reflects membership
  • Review methods of training, reward and recognition to energize
  • Review the characteristics of revitalized successful board members and high performing credit union boards. Participants will receive a Director Check list to assess their volunteer competencies.

About John Vardallas

As Founder/CEO of, he leads a Consulting/Speaking Business and Internet Enterprise that is dedicated primarily to enhancing the quality of work and lifestyles of leaders, their people, their organizations, customers and members. An international trend watcher and provocateur, he helps industry leaders synthesize trends into strategic organizational directions, improve business growth, service and workplace productivity. He is a keynote speaker, seminar leader, trainer and facilitator, who provides audiences with Substance and InspirAction in a Passionate and Provocative style.

He has over 30 years of professional management and leadership development experiences working with leaders in the retail, healthcare, government, education, hospitality, financial services and association industries. He has been a program consultant and speaker for international trade associations and organizations, including ASAE, the World Council of Credit Unions and the Filene Research Institute. John conducts professional and personal development programs for executives, employees and volunteers for businesses, associations and organizations of all sizes. He is also a host and featured speaker on global Educational Conference CU EduCruises and has appeared on radio, network, and cable TV business and lifestyle programs. John is Co-Founder and Editor of Today’s BoomeR Digital Magazine of the American, author of a recently published book, Leadership Thoughts For Prospering in the 21st Century, the Dash-Board Governance Packet/CD and numerous business and trade articles. His passion for sharing Strategies for Success will leave a long lasting impact on your organization and audiences.

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