Breakout Session #15

Sometimes I Feel Lost as a Supervisory Committee Members, Can You Answer My Questions?
Chad Stanislav, Cynthia Rogstad, Cheryl Ehmann, Pamela Blevins, CU Resources, Inc.

“Exactly, this is how I feel at times!”  In this session, we will explore and answer questions you have for our panel about the supervisory committee and its relationship to the credit union.  Bring all questions.  Some questions will be clear cut; others may not be so evident. This should be a fun and spirited debate of questions, answers, and dialogue.  To protect the identity of your credit union, we will have a place as you enter the room to write sensitive questions if you require anonymity.  Otherwise, ask your questions for open discussion.

Chad StanislavAbout Chad Stanislav

Chad Stanislav graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University. Started with the Texas Credit Union Department, a regulatory agency for state-chartered credit unions and worked alongside NCUA examiners on joint exams.  Upon his departure as a principal examiner in September 1993, he joined the Texas Credit Union League/Credit Union Resources as an audit field supervisor for the Financial and Technology Resources Department.  Stanislav was promoted to vice president of the department in May 1996.  The Financial and Technology Resources Department services have evolved to meet credit union needs.   The department has grown to include supervisory committee annual reviews, internal audits, information system security reviews, vulnerability assessment testing, shared compliance assistance, risk assessments, ACH audits and BSA/CIP/OFAC compliance reviews.

He also served as a Supervisory Committee Chairman from 1996 - 2011 and the Chairman of the Board for a credit union from 2009 - 2011 while serving on the Board since 2000.


Cynthia RogstadAbout Cynthia Rogstad

Cynthia Rogstad has worked as Assistant Vice President, Internal Audit at CU Resources since 1996. She provides interal audit assistance to credit unions up to and exceeding $700 million in assets, assisting them with meeting their annual ACH Audit requirements, and compliance.

Cynthia has served in the credit union industry for over 18 years, primarily as a credit union manager, loan specialist, and internal auditor. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and is a Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Specialist.


Cheryl EhmannAbout Cheryl Ehmann

Cheryl Ehmann is Assistant Vice President, Supervisory Committee Annual Reviews at CU Resources. She has worked there since 1990. She supervises audits of credit unions with assets ranging from $1 million to over $400 million. She assists credit unions in meeting their annual ACH Audit requirement.

Cheryl holds a professional designation and is a member of the AICPA and TSCPA. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and is proficient in all aspects of credit union accounting.


Pamela BlevinsAbout Pamela Blevins

Pamela Blevins is Remote Financial Services Manager at CU Resources, where she has worked since July 2006. She provides external audit, call report, bank reconciliation assistance, loan reviews and specialty reviews in credit unions ranging from $1 million to over $400 million in assets. She assists credit unions in meeting their annual Supervisory Committee/Board of Directors audits, ACH Audit requirements, and compliance (especially BSA, OFAC and CIP).

Pamela's professional background includes 5 years in credit union auditing. She holds an Associate Degree in Accounting.