Breakout Session #13

Nathan Behncke

Bank Secrecy Act for Board Members and Volunteers - Information You Should Know
Nathan Behncke, Cornerstone Credit Union League

Credit unions are required by law to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act, including training of its employees, volunteers, and board members. This session educates volunteers and directors on what they need to know, including the latest developments.  The session will cover:

  • History and Development of the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • Customer Identification Program
  • Documenting money transfers
  • OFAC and other watch lists
  • Filling out CTRs, SARs
  • Handling Monetary Instruments
  • Information Requests and Information Sharing
  • Creating a risk profile and assessment
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Record Retention
  • Penalties for Non-compliance

About Nathan Behncke

Nathan Behncke joined Cornerstone in 2013 as an advisor on legislative, regulatory, and compliance issues.  Nathan also assists credit unions in understanding complex legal and regulatory compliance issues through Cornerstone’s Information Central.  Information Central offers a hotline for all credit union staff, a compliance newsletter, website, online compliance manual, training and more.

Prior to joining Cornerstone, Nathan worked in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northwestern Mutual, and several years in collections and auditing for Mercedes-Benz.  Nathan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from Kansas State University, is a graduate of the University of Kansas-School of Law with a focus on Business Law, and is CUNA BSACS and CUCE certified.