Pre-Conference Workshop

Chad StanislavA. Duties & Responsibilities - Understanding Your Role as a Supervisory Committee & Audit Committee Member
Chad Stanislav, CU Resources, Inc.

The pre-conference workshop consists of three sessions. First two are run concurrently.

  • For first time supervisory or audit committee members or those with less than two years’ experience or those that have not fully gained the confidence of their responsibilities.  - “Basic Duties and Responsibilities”
  • For supervisory and audit committee members with over two years’ experience - “Is your Supervisory Committee Passive or Performers?” - will explore how to count cash, review loan files and discuss strategies for a successful supervisory committee.

Howard BufeB. Duties & Responsibilities - Understanding Your Role as a Board Member
Howard Bufe, CU Resources, Inc.

This pre-conference workshop is geared towards the new elected or appointed board member, however this session could also serve as a refresher for even the most seasoned veteran. A discussion of the organizational culture – who we are and how we differ from banks – as well as board governance and macro and micro management; what a Board wants in a CEO and what a CEO wants in a Board and much more. In addition, the six characteristics of an effective Board will be discussed.


As Board Workshop and Supervisory & Audit Committee Workshop attendees come together in the last hour and 15 minutes, various aspects of the credit union, the changing world of credit unions, and what our future holds as volunteers are discussed.

Now that I’ve volunteered:

  • What are the expectations?
  • What competencies do I need?
  • What resources are available?
  • How do I stay current and relevant with all the changes?

This session answers these and other questions along with discussing pertinent aspects of the credit union such as:

  • What is a good volunteer?
  • How do we keep good volunteers?
  • What educational avenues are available?
  • Should we implement educational requirements?
  • Do we need a succession plan for all volunteers?

This will be an engaging session!  You will participate in small group discussions, exercises and networking.