Pre-Conference Workshop

Dean Borland

1. Board of Directors Duties and Responsibilities
Dean Borland, Credit Union Resources, Inc.

Serving as a director of a credit union is NOT a spectator sport. Directors are responsible for the general direction and control of their credit union, and failure to adhere to appropriate governance and ethical standards can result in removal, litigation, fines, and criminal penalties.

In this three-hour pre-conference workshop, directors will review the distinguishing characteristics of credit unions and credit union boards, explore the relationship between governance and credit union performance, examine the general authorities and duties of credit union directors, outline best practices of governance and Board / CEO relations, and identify the potential liabilities for failures in faithful performance.

About Dean Borland

Dean Borland is a credit union professional with a background in operations, strategic planning, total quality management, service, and sales. Dean works with credit unions and suppliers to identify product and service opportunities for credit unions and provides credit union training and strategic planning facilitation.

Tim Harrington2. Supervisory & Audit Member Committee - Duties & Responsibilities
Tim Harrington, TEAM Resources

The role of the Supervisory Committee is an important one, and it has evolved due to the growing complexity of credit unions. This course will walk you through your basic responsibilities, and then build on those with efficient and effective ways you can help keep your credit union safe and secure. We will look at your role as the Audit Committee and give you tools and understanding to get the most out of your relationship with the annual auditor. We will talk about how you report information to the Board and what to do if things were to go terribly wrong at the credit union. You will leave this session with a strong understanding of this important role.

About Tim Harrington

Author, consultant and speaker Tim Harrington has worked with credit unions in 48 states, two territories, Canada and Mexico. His progressive ideas and broad knowledge of credit union issues has made Tim a valuable resource for credit unions nationwide.  Tim has spoken to tens of thousands of credit union volunteers and staff and continues to inspire them to improve their credit unions.

Since 1996, Tim has been President of T.E.A.M. Resources, a firm providing consulting, strategic planning, and training to credit unions from coast-to-coast.  TEAM Resources’ clients range from a few million in assets to the billions in assets.

From 2001 to 2006, Tim was the Chairman of the Board of a $150 million credit union in Tucson, Arizona. Tim was appointed to the Board of this troubled credit union in 2001 and served until 2006. During his time on the Board, the credit union evolved from losing over $2,000,000 per year to earning a profit of nearly $2,000,000 by 2006.

Tim was formerly a Partner with the nation’s 3rd largest auditor of credit unions, known today as CliftonLarsonAllen. Mr. Harrington has been working with credit unions since 1989 when he directed the Internal Audit of a large credit union in Tucson, Arizona.  Prior to that, he was with a national accounting firm and has been practicing accounting and consulting since 1980.

Because of his knowledge, wit and unpretentious delivery, Tim is a much sought after speaker in the credit union movement. Tim has made presentations for CEO conferences, Directors conferences, Supervisory Committee conferences, lending conferences, marketing conferences, and many more. He is able to bring his wide ranging knowledge to benefit credit union volunteers, senior management teams and staff members on a wide variety of relevant and important topics. Tim is on the faculty of the CUNA Finance for Non-Financial Managers and Volunteers School, The CUNA Volunteer Certification School and CUNA Management School.

Tucson, Arizona has been home since 1980. Tim is a native of Montana and holds a BBA in Accounting from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.  He has also attended universities in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico and Florence, Italy and speaks several languages.

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