Opening General Session


It’s 1934 All Over Again – A Revitalized Movement and a Promising Future for All
Jeff Rendel, Rising Above Enterprises

From the initial days of one room operations to the up-to-the-minute times of mobile branches and more, credit unions have developed from a set of experimental ventures to a forte of respected competitors in financial services.  The marketplace was ready, then, for a novel kind of financial institution that would announce a different proclamation – value and service for all in ways matched by none.  Today, the time is ripe again for a reinvented credit union movement that concentrates on growth, innovation, and prosperity for all – and remains matched by none.

From the voices that paved the way to the voices blazing new trails, a spirit of passion and entrepreneurship, backed by mutual responsibility and benefit, has always remained with credit unions.  This same essence of credit unions’ history is also the impelling cause and driver for her future.  It’s time for a renewed statement and invigorated movement from, by, and for all credit unions – ensuring that the timeless principle of value and service for all remains coupled with a timely and tireless cooperative commitment from all, with results matched by none.


About Jeff Rendel

Jeff Rendel, Certified Speaking Professional, knows the financial services marketplace. With experience as a federal banking regulator, financial services executive, and Congressional lobbyist; he understands the balancing act of safety, soundness, sales, and strategy.  As President of Rising Above Enterprises, Jeff works with financial services providers that want elite results in leadership, sales, and strategy. 

Outside of the office and off the platform, Jeff is an avid reader and is learning the particulars of being an ice hockey referee.  His much better half, Jayne, adds indispensable balance to his life.  Together, they enjoy succulent gardening and their respective alumni loyalties to their college teams.  It’s a divided home from time to time.

Little Miss Molly’s arrival in 2005 made his life whole.  When he’s not on a stage or on an airplane, Jeff is on a sheet of ice, proving no match for Molly, as she figuratively and literally skates circles around him.


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