Breakout Session #10


Cyber Security
Idrees Rafiq, Financial & Technology Resource

Data breaches and cyber-attacks are serious threats all credit unions should be aware of.  Cyber security is the new “buzz” word.  However, this “buzz” word is not going anywhere – cyber security is here to stay.  Furthermore, credit union security, including cyber security, is the responsibility of the board of directors.  The board needs to take a more proactive approach when it comes to cyber security.  One of the NCUA’s Supervisory Priorities for 2016 includes cyber security, and included in this specifically notes “Cyber Risk Management & Oversight.”  Join us in this session to find out the questions your board needs to be asking with regard to your cyber security program.  Cyber security is no longer simply an IT issue!

About Idrees Rafiq

Idrees Rafiq, Jr. provides information technology services and consulting to credit unions. He specializes in physical, administrative, and technical security consulting addressing compliance elements of NCUA Relegation Part 748 Appendix A and B. Idrees is experienced in network architecture, infrastructure, administration, management, and support.

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