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Update on the Oklahoma Legislature: Halftime at the Capitol
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 6:55 AM

Oklahoma Credit Union Association President Nate Webb reports that last Thursday was a major deadline at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Bills not passed by the chamber of origin are either dead or dormant for the year. This milestone is generally considered halftime for the legislative session.

The week following this deadline is generally quiet, as House and Senate leadership review bills from the opposite chamber and decide appropriate committee assignments. However, the process is moving at an accelerated pace, and legislation from the opposite chamber is already being heard in committee.

This week, Webb says, the Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget begins meeting indicating the start of serious budget negotiations between the 2 chambers.

The number of bills available for consideration now stands at 688 as opposed to more than 2,200 filed before session.

Bill Totals:


February 6

March 3

March 27

Total Bills




Credit Union Bills




Hot List




Priority 1




Priority 2


















The days leading up to any deadline are always hectic and this past week was no exception. Following are some developments on OKCUA legislative priorities.

Support – SB0064

Affidavit of heirship – creating consistency in conflicting titles of law.

Status: Passed unanimously in House Committee on Judiciary and now goes to the floor for consideration.

Support – SB0119

Sherriff’s auctions – limits to six months from the time of the rendition of the initial judgment when an order of sale or execution can be issued upon a judgment.

Status: Passed unanimously in House Committee on Judiciary and now goes to the floor for consideration.

Support – HB1597

Judgment creditors – this is a bill to streamline the process for judgment creditors to obtain employment information for the purposes of debt collection.

Status: Passed House with title off. We are currently working with the state Chamber of Commerce and other interested parties to modify the bill before it is heard in Senate committee.

Support – HB1915

Perfection of liens on expensive livestock trailers.

Status: This bill received serious opposition from the Agricultural community as well as manufacturers in Oklahoma. The bill remains alive but will stay dormant for the remainder of the session. All parties have agreed to study the issue over the interim.

Oppose – SB0698

A bill introduced by the Oklahoma Wreckers Association in another effort to loosen many provisions included in the Title 42 possessory lien processes.

Status: Passed the Senate and is awaiting committee assignment in the House. From the onset, we believed our best chance of killing this bill would be in the House, and we have already begun to lay the groundwork to do so.


Webb reports that the OKCUA continues to work closely with a coalition composed of businesses, law enforcement, and higher education to defeat several bills introduced this year that could impact a credit union’s right to restrict firearms on their property.

Oppose – SB0288

If this bill were to become law, a business owner would be vulnerable to a lawsuit should they attempt to prohibit firearms on their property.

Status: Passed in the Senate, awaiting committee assignment in the House. We feel very confident this bill will not become law. Even if it should pass the legislature, it is doubtful the governor would sign it into law.

Oppose – HB1803

This bill would have greatly limited the ability of any entity receiving public funds from lobbying against any Second Amendment bill.

Status: Last week, we joined other members of the coalition in a passionate discussion with leadership and were able to stop the bill from being heard on the floor.

These are only highlights of this week’s past activity. Since Session began in February, we have been successful in killing, passing, or amending legislation to our satisfaction. This is the point in the Session when vigilance is absolutely critical. With more than 55 bills still on our watch list and dozens of others open to hostile amendments, action on the part of credit unions could become critical to our success in the coming weeks.

For more information, please contact Oklahoma Credit Union Association President Nate Webb at or 405-445-1510.