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Two Amplify FCU Professionals to Participate in Two-week Internship in Brazil
Thursday, January 9, 2014 6:50 AM

Two credit union executives with Austin, Texas-based Amplify FCU say they are looking forward to a two-week credit union internship in Brazil. Both were selected to participate in the World Council of Credit Unions’ (WOCCU) International Credit Union Leadership Program. They leave this Saturday, and from Jan. 12-25, the duo will intern with Sicredi, one of the most important cooperatives in Brazil.

“Since beginning my career at Amplify more than five years ago, my life has completely changed for the better in terms of personal growth and professional development,” says Taylor Richardson, marketing coordinator with Amplify FCU. “I now understand how vital credit unions are to their communities and how important it will be in the coming years to solidify the movement.”

With the growth of banks, technology, and operating costs, Richardson believes credit unions must be strategic and mindful when it comes to planning their overall survival.

“I don’t believe we can do it alone, and that is why this internship is so exciting to me. To have multiple credit unions from the U.S. come together to visit the Sicredi credit unions in Brazil in this exchange is an extraordinary opportunity to gain insight and perspective on how we can solidify our movement here in the states. I am so grateful to have been chosen for this experience and to offer my insight,” adds Richardson.  

Amplify FCU Senior Training Specialist Terry McCoy, couldn’t agree more.

“I am a huge proponent of cooperatives and doing business locally from both a financial and community impact,” says McCoy, a 14-year credit union professional. “I work in training and lending and look forward to learning more about how Sicredi trains their team members and educate their members.”

The International Credit Union Leadership Program brings emerging leaders from around the world to various credit unions. Participants travel to a different country to spend time with a credit union there to broaden their professional experience. Twelve credit union leaders from across the United States were chosen to participate in the Jan. 12-25 internship, including seven from the Cornerstone Credit Union League region.

“From this experience, I’m really hoping to gain a better understanding of how credit unions in the U.S. can collectively achieve higher levels of operational efficiency by doing what they do best – cooperating,” continues Richardson.

Credit unions across the country, Richardson points out, are having a hard time deciding how to overcome the challenges of maintaining low operating costs while keeping member fees low. Through this sharing of best practices internship, Richardson is excited to bring back with her ideas and strategies to help Amplify FCU and other credit unions come up with ways to overcome these challenges, so they may continue to offer members competitively priced products that make managing their finances and lives easier.

McCoy believes technology, loan growth and reaching diverse markets are also hot topics for credit unions, and he hopes to gain insight from Sicredi on how to best address these opportunities.

“As a trainer, I welcome the opportunity to take advantage of learning experiences that will help me grow professionally and personally,” notes McCoy.

To be selected by WOCCU for the program, participants were required to submit an application with an essay, pass an interview and be available for two full weeks away from their credit union. Applicants had to demonstrate personal commitment to the credit union industry, including the ability to have significant influence, have a career trajectory within the industry and exhibit the potential to advance the credit union system.



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