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Truity Credit Union Employees Giving Campaigns
Friday, January 2, 2015 6:45 AM

Truity Credit Union in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, has been busy giving back to the community regularly and in a variety of ways for years. They are well known locally for their corporate sponsorship of events like OKMozart, Sunfest, the annual United Way campaign, and Relay for Life of N.O.W. But that's not all. Most recently, Truity was involved with Elder Care and the Boys & Girls Club.

Truity Cares

Truity runs an annual Christmas-time campaign called Truity Cares, an employee giving program. "Truity Cares for Elder Care" was the theme of this year's campaign where employees showed their compassion for members of Elder Care's DayBreak program. The employees donated gifts of hats, scarfs, and gloves to the 31 ladies and 22 men currently in the program.

DayBreak provides social interaction and therapeutic activities for adults with various levels of physical and cognitive abilities who are socially isolated and need to regain a sense of purpose. Some have difficulty functioning independently in the community and need help with personal care. Others have experienced memory loss or have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, arthritis, or stroke.

"The new hats, scarfs and gloves will help give this community a sense of warmth," said Truity Vice President/Human Resources Andria McCollough.

Truity also provided food baskets for approximately 30 of Elder Care's clients. Each basket includes a Christmas ham, pie, canned vegetables, stuffing or mashed potatoes, marshmallows, and dinner rolls.

Elder Care assists elderly Bartlesville residents in their own homes through care management and/or companion services. Clients may need supervision in the home but not nursing home care, or may have been released from the hospital and still need in-home care, and others may need household help, transportation or a care manager to be an advocate for their well-being.

"Our employees are extremely generous and pleased to be able to give back to our community," said McCollough.

Credit ReUnion: Bikes for the Boys & Girls Club

Truity CU Charity
Truity Credit Union presented fourteen bicycles to members of the Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville at the conclusion of their annual corporate training day. The bikes were assembled as part of a team-building exercise and the presentation of them was the highlight of the day for both the children and the employees.

Every October, Truity employees from Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Texas participate in Credit reUnion, a day filled with service training and team building events.

"Credit reUnion is an important day for our credit union," said Truity President and CEO Kelly Diven. "We pride ourselves in providing unsurpassed experiences for our members and for each other. We have eight branches in four states and for many employees, this is a chance to actually meet a staff member they may work with over the phone all year but haven't met in person. We have found that when we make time to get together and talk about our business, great ideas for even better service are generated."

During the Credit reUnion, Truity donated bikes to 14 children who were all members of the Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville. The bicycles were built as part of team building exercise facilitated by Team Building USA. Each team of about 10 credit union employees received the parts to assemble a bicycle, but not all the parts belonged to the bike they were charged to assemble.

"We traded parts during 'meetings' with complicated rules, including the fact that those attending meetings could not talk," explained Truity Senior Business Development Officer Sara Freeman. "We also had to complete three survival challenges in order to earn tools to put our bike together. Did you know that the best way to cure a headache in the wilderness is to suck on willow bark?"

While some team members completed challenges, others attended silent "meetings" and others began assembling the bikes.

"The exercise allowed us to work with employees outside our day-to-day work," Freeman said. "We quickly learned to capitalize on the talents and experience of our team members. Some were really good at keeping the rules in mind, others knew obscure trivia to help with the challenges, and some even had previous bike assembly knowledge. Just like in the work place, everyone played a part."

Truity Chief Marketing Officer Rick Loyd said, "For me, one of the main revelations happened when someone said, 'This isn't a competition!' They were right. The goal was for every team to complete their bikes, not to be the first team. We were all winners after the last bike was assembled."

"Watching the children's faces light up when they received their new bikes was the highlight of the day," said Truity SVP and Chief Development Officer, Kelli Blair.

Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Jason Barta said, "The kids were so excited about their new bikes, and we are so grateful for the ongoing support that Truity employees give our club."

A total of twenty bicycles were assembled; fourteen stayed in Bartlesville. The other bikes were given to kids in Lawrence, Kansas; Springdale, Arkansas; and Houston, Texas, where Truity also has branches.

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