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Three Essential Moves You Can Make Today to Support Credit Unions
Monday, July 30, 2018 7:00 AM

Advocacy is on the upswing in the Cornerstone region, with many activities in which you can get involved. If you have been thinking about getting engaged, we recommend it! It's the right thing to do if you love credit unions like we do. Here are some excellent ways to get engaged RIGHT NOW:

  1. Attend tomorrow's webinar: Stop the Data Breaches
  2. Reach out and connect with your congressional representative in their home districts.
  3. Join Cornerstone's premier advocacy initiative: ROAR.

“Because of the momentum we achieved with the past several years of full-court-press advocacy, we have some real opportunities to advance significant change in the legislative arena,” said Cornerstone VP Political Affairs Gretchen Ziegler. “When people engage their lawmakers about what matters most to them, change occurs organically. And when our ‘people helping people’ philosophy intersects with our Army of Advocates, our voices compel momentous changes through our lawmakers. This is the power of advocacy.”

Stop the Data Breaches Webinar

Data breaches continue to be a problem, even when they are not in the news cycle. In 2017, 1,579 data breaches occurred in the U.S., a 44 percent increase from 2016. The number of compromised records jumped 389 percent in 2017 to a total of nearly 180 million records. So it's not surprising that nearly 60 percent of consumers expect to be a victim of data breach at some point.

Things must change. But change only happens when people rise up in massive numbers and say no more to merchant data breaches that cost credit unions and members significantly while enriching criminals and other cyberterrorists.

Will you be one that sits out, or one that rises up? Because until then, credit unions will continue to cover the costs of fraud, blocking transactions, reissuing cards, increasing staffing at call centers, and monitoring consumer accounts.

Learn how you can rise up and lend your credit union voice to stopping the data breaches. Join us tomorrow, July 31, at 3 p.m. (ET), for Credit Union National Association's free, members-only webinar, Stop the Data Breaches.

Get the most recent stats (PPT)
Download data breach info (PDF)

Reach Out to Your Congressional Representative

Congressional representatives are embarking on a month-long break for August and will likely be back in their home districts. This means August is an excellent time to reach out and connect with them on issues that affect your credit union. The Senate will take only a one-week recess, from August 6–10, and you may still make inroads with them during that time as well.


Cornerstone is rolling out of its next-generation advocacy, grassroots, and political action campaign, ROAR—Ready, Organize, Activate, and Respond. ROAR consists of three key components to ensure credit unions gain political ground at state and federal levels: the Army of Advocates, payroll deduction, and the Member Activation Program, or MAP. Together, these components make advocates a more agile, vigilant, and robust force in Congress and in state capitols.

To be a member of ROAR, members must: 

  • Army of Advocates. Employees, board members, and members you identify who are interested in becoming more involved in advocacy.
  • Payroll Deduction. PAC dollars go to candidates—not red or blue, but purple—who show an understanding of credit union value to their members; who take pro-credit union positions; and who serve on committees of jurisdiction or in leadership roles. Even $1 per paycheck can make a big difference.
  • CUNA's Member Activation Program, or MAP. MAP is designed to get members engaged in credit union advocacy, which in turn makes them part of the Army of Advocates. Research shows that members who receive MAP messages from their credit union CEOs become more loyal members. For example, in one of last year's MAP campaigns, 75 credit unions reached 4 million members with MAP messaging and got a 32.1 percent open rate—a high open rate for any campaign.

If you have questions about joining up with ROAR, please contact April Krause at 800-442-5762, ext. 6487, or