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The Future Has Arrived: Teller Vision Simulations for Credit Unions
Thursday, November 20, 2014 6:50 AM

Before astronauts can take control of a spacecraft, they log many hours in a simulator, which allows them to practice maneuvers so they don't make costly mistakes during the actual mission that could impede their company's success.  Those who are successful in the simulator are the individuals afforded the opportunity to go on missions that advance the company's goals and attainment of future missions.  Can the same simulator technology be used to screen and develop credit union tellers?

It may seem like a stretch until you understand that the technology does exist today, and it is available to credit unions who want to better screen employees utilizing a unique program called Teller Vision Simulation.  How much more effective would your hiring practices be if you could assess the level a candidate was able to perform the tasks of the job before you spent all the time and money to hire and train them?  Would that be valuable to you?

Credit Union Resources has partnered with Employment Technologies Corporation to offer cost-effective, skills-based simulation products, or EASy Simulations, for hiring and developing employees.  EASy Simulations are web-based and can be administered onsite or remotely, with instant 24/7 access to comprehensive results.

FirstLight Federal Credit Union in El Paso created a successful mentorship program using the Teller Vision Simulation tool.  Grace Munoz, FirstLight's vice president of human resources, recalls that when she took over her position, the simulation was already in place and only being used for the credit union's screening and hiring process.  But after reviewing it, she quickly discovered the simulator's multiple benefits for teller onboarding and development.

"The simulation is based on teller competencies and identifies the gaps in applicants' ability to perform the job successfully," Munoz said. "Teller Vision's Career Prescription report outlines specific developmental opportunities based on those gaps."

By identifying developmental gaps and also incorporating the simulation results into their mentorship program, FirstLight was able to reduce their turnover rate in the teller position from 60 percent to 15 percent, as verified by a comparison study the credit union conducted.

"We actually compared the success on the job of new employees that were hired but did not go through the mentorship program with those that did," Munoz explained.  "The results were outstanding.  Not only were the mentored employees excelling at their jobs, but they were staying.  Our retention improved drastically."

Joseph T. Sefcik, Jr., founder and president of Employment Technologies Corporation, says engaged, high-performing tellers are the dream of every credit union.  Yet there's always a wide range of performance, from high to low.  He asks, "If tellers perform essentially the same job, why does their performance vary so much?  When tellers are measured against the same metrics, why do some tellers excel while others lag behind?"

Sefcik explains that each person brings his or her unique experiences and expectations to the job.  "If we recognize and accept these differences, and focus teller onboarding and development around these differences, then we will achieve performance gains faster and more successfully."

He recommends conducting a personalized performance "tune-up" for each teller. But who has the time to put it into practice, and is it even practical to customize tune ups for each teller?

"Absolutely," Sefcik says. "The good news is that the cost associated with personalized tune-ups is very low, while the return value—in teller engagement and improved performance—is very high."

In addition to Teller Vision Simulation, Employment Technologies offers a full suite of EASy Simulations designed specifically for key credit union and financial services jobs, including: teller supervisors, financial sales and service, collections, back office, contact center, underwriters, managers, and more!

To learn more about EASy Simulations—and the affordable pricing packages available to Cornerstone Credit Union League members, contact Kimberly Jones, 469-385-6432 or Susan Looney, 469-385-6431 in HR Consulting.

FirstLight Federal Credit Union
is a community financial cooperative with a strong commitment to military personnel. The credit union has been serving the greater El Paso, Texas, and Dona Ana, New Mexico, counties for more than 50 years.

Employment Technologies Corporation (ETC) has been helping credit unions hire, develop, and retain the best employees for more than 25 years. As the pioneer and world’s leading developer of employment simulations, ETC leads the industry in innovation, quality, and value.