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Texas Tow Truck Operators Attempt to Reduce Lienholders Protections
Monday, May 22, 2017 6:55 AM

There are dozens of bills this session relating to the towing, storage, and booting of vehicles. The tow truck groups have again this session been working to reduce notice to lienholders and increase costs on lienholders in the event of a non-consent tow.

As previously reported, HB 2508 came out of committee with half a dozen issues for lienholders. The Texas Credit Union Association was able to secure three amendments on the House floor to address some issues while they continued to negotiate with multiple towing and storage groups with varying agendas.

After several days of negotiations, the TXCUA, working with other lienholders, agreed on revisions to address the remaining concerns with HB 2508 by Rep. Kuempel (R-Seguin). The bill continues to be stuck in the Senate Business and Commerce Committee, so the tow truck group has begun splitting the amendments up and trying to add them to other bills.

On Friday, the negotiated changes to the process for notice to lienholders was added to SB 1501, another bill carried by Kuempel relating to the booting of vehicles. These changes make the timeline for notice clearer and prohibit storage fees until 24 hours after notice is properly sent if they fail to meet the first or second deadline.

The TXCUA continues to monitor numerous bills relating to the regulation of towing and vehicle storage that are still active in the Legislature, watching for bad amendments. This is the time when, with one week left in the session, entire bills that have stalled end up being amendments to other bills.

For more information, please contact Texas Credit Union Association President Jeff Huffman at 469-385-6488 or