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Tarrant County's CU Video Project Inspires
Tuesday, December 19, 2017 6:50 AM

Shelli McCoy has been on a mission. In wrapping up her personal Development Educators (DE) project this year, she asked her team at Tarrant County's Credit Union, where she's VP of operations, to participate in a project and make a video about it as a team-building event.

At the beginning of 2017, McCoy encouraged her team to give back and volunteer to their community in at least one way in 2017. 

"I told them we would make our list of ways we gave back and then use that in some way to do a team-building event at the end of the year," McCoy said. "We all know this is not every person’s comfort zone, but I challenged them and they finished big!"

During her monthly department meetings, she started off with a video or article or something uplifting and encouraging. "I have shown them a lot of 'The Disclosures' videos, and they just love them," McCoy said. As a result, her staff thought it would be fun to make their own video. That sentiment spread and set the video project into motion. 

McCoy recounts watching this video, which inspired her team to make this TCCU video. In the TCCU video, the team showed what individuals gave back in the name of the credit union. (If you are watching on a PC, you may have to download a slideshow first—click on Download in upper right corner to watch.)

"I am so proud of this video and the work we did as a team," McCoy said. "We had fun, we worked together, and we showed we made a difference. I have an awesome team who makes my department great, TCCU great, and our community a little better place to live. You may not be able to change the world, but you can change somebody’s world!”