Session Descriptions
Opening General Session

Hide Your Goat
Steve Gilliland, Steve Gilliland, Inc.

General Session

Miserable or Motivated: It's Up to You!
Matt Monge, Mazuma Credit Union

General Session

Positively Magical Service!
Billy Riggs

Closing General Session

Laugh-O-Nomics - Connecting Happiness at Work to Business Success
Brad Montgomery, Brad Montgomery Productions

Breakout Session #1

Impact of CFPB Mortgage Changes
Wallace Jones, CU Members Mortgage

Breakout Session #2

How Marketing Analytics Will Change the Way You Lend
Dave Gilbert, Visible Equity

Breakout Session #3 & #6

Think, Track and Cross Sell Like a Dealer
Mark Schultz & Galli Davis, ASG Results

Breakout Session #4 & #7

Minimizing the Risk of Consumer Loan Fraud
Jim Bullard, CUNA Mutual Group

Breakout Session #5 & #8

Leading and Managing Lending Staff
Pierre Cardenas, CU Lending Advice, LLC

Breakout Session #10 & #13

Be an Account Resolver, Not A Payment Beggar
Charles Blake, Blake Credit Union Services


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