Breakout Session #5

John Hyche

Channel Lending: Bricks, Clicks & Calls
John Hyche, Level5

Callahan & Associates is reporting credit unions are riding an 8-quarter wave of loan growth. Furthermore, interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve suggest the growth wave for credit unions will continue. However, with growth comes challenges to the business that effect today and tomorrow. The challenges today include processing the business and serving members, while putting together proactive strategies that influence tomorrow. In this session, we outline the key steps to manage growth in the back office, understand how it will effect headcount, and determine future space needs for the credit union. We will also address call center transformation, service delivery opportunities to leverage scale, and what’s next for the member experience.

About John Hyche

In his role as Senior Vice President, John Hyche guides the “Think Strategically” portion.  He works directly with clients to understand their challenges and goals.  He then guides his team in applying various research and analytical tools – including “feet on the street” research – to define the best strategies to support the client’s objectives.  These engagements focus on bringing extensive information, analysis, and experience to bear on the clients’ issues.  These strategies are then implemented as part of LEVEL5’s integrated services offering – the “build creatively” activities.

Prior to co-founding LEVEL5 in 2004, John served financial institutions in consulting and regulatory capacities.  These roles have encompassed strategy development, asset management, and de novo bank formation.  All of these activities relied on John’s skills in strategic planning, financial analysis and forecasting, and market analysis.

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