Breakout Session #16

Crystal Dowd

Credit Risk Philosophy & Evaluation
Crystal Dowd, DFTC, Inc., East Vassalboro, Maine

The Credit Risk Philosophy & Evaluation Break-out Session is designed to discuss the implementation of loan policy and procedures in accordance with a credit union's risk tolerance and explore risk rating systems employed to measure commercial credit risk.  Attendees will evaluate quantitative and qualitative risk factors utilized in assigning risk.

About Crystal Dowd

Crystal Dowd is Vice President of Operations with over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. In addition to working with multiple credit unions to build a commercial lending program, she has also been responsible for the commercial lending portfolio of multiple credit unions, been a credit underwriter, served as branch manager and been a commercial lender for community banks. Crystal’s vast experience in the financial services industry provides a wealth of knowledge to our clients. Over the course of Ms. Dowd’s career, she has managed sizeable commercial loan portfolios, managed large staffs, underwritten 100’s of millions of dollars in CRE and C&I loans. In recent years she has worked with credit unions to facilitate the startup and growth of commercial lending operations and subsequent portfolio management for financial institutions. Her areas of expertise are centered on commercial loan compliance and regulations, commercial loan policy, commercial loan underwriting of all types and structure, and creation of processes and procedures related to all facets of commercial lending. Crystal’s broad experience allows her to provide training and solutions for all areas of commercial lending departments within financial institutions.

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