Breakout Session #15

Two-way Texting to Accelerate the Lending Process
Erin Wilson, Zipwhip
Ian Swartz, Zipwhip

Ever-changing technology and social media has transformed our consumer society into one where people demand instant responses and results. The fact of the matter is, you might like phone calls, but your members prefer to text. 76% of people say they prefer to communicate over text because it’s more convenient and allows them to reach out on their own time. 63% of these people say texting is less disruptive than phone calls and 19% of them say they never check their voicemails. Text messages are opened at a rate of 98% and emails at 22%. If you had only one chance to reach a member to close a loan in those final moments--which method would you choose? Your credit union can now use its branded number(s) to connect with its members via two-way texting. You’ll learn how to accelerate the lending process and enhance the overall experience by giving members the option to communicate with you through their preferred method, texting.

Erin WilsonAbout Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson is committed to pursuing her passions. After growing up in a small town in Indiana, she embarked on the initial leg of her journey and attended college in Chicago. The first 10 years of her professional career were spent in radio broadcasting. Excited for a new challenge, she moved to Seattle for graduate school to study counseling psychology, leading to 11 years working with at-risk youth and children with high functioning autism and other various cognitive disabilities. Her proudest moment was saving a non-profit organization which lost its sponsor and main source of funding after 30 years of providing a vital service to children suffering from cancer and their families. She and two fellow volunteers obtained 501c3 status in record time (under 4 months) and raised over a half a million dollars in less than a year.

Throughout her career she has studied and followed communication trends and consumer habits. The start-up, dig in mentality has been a theme she has thrived under. She was then recruited to work at Zipwhip, a company that Forbes magazine stated was “slightly less sexy, but arguably more impactful.” She is delighted to partner with credit unions enhancing profitability and maximizing the relationship with members through every medium, but primarily two-way conversational texting.

Ian SwartzAbout Ian Swartz

Ian Swartz is Director of Business Development for Zipwhip. After attending New York University, he spent three years teaching and traveling in China before arriving at Zipwhip in 2014 as one of the early sales hires. Instrumental in building up the insurance and staffing verticals, he started working with credit unions in 2016. Though relatively new to financial services, he aims to share the groundbreaking digital communication strategies pioneered in other industries with credit unions to help them improve member experience and close more loans.

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