Breakout Session #11 & #14

Kent Potterton

Future of Credit Cards/Chip Cards
Kent Potterton, PSCU

This presentation will cover the payments landscape – past and present — as well as projecting the growth of mobile payments going forward.    We will review several emerging payment technologies including characteristics such as brand presentation, income impact, likelihood of large-scale adoption and benefits to users.  We will also examine the need for a CU’s card to become the “default” card in a growing number of merchant checkout sites.   Closing with the next steps a CU should take to stay relevant with their members as new payment technologies emerge.

About Kent Potterton

Kent is the VP of Solutions Consulting for PSCU. Kenton and his team are responsible for providing subject-matter expertise across all of PSCU’s lines of business.  Prior to this position, Kent led the Product Development teams for Credit, Debit, ATM and Prepaid cards as well as the Loyalty solutions.  Kent was Vice President at Baxter Credit Union for five years prior to joining PSCU in 2005.  He has also held business analytics, risk management and product development roles with Household International and Ameritech.  He has 25 years of experience in the finance industry with 18 of those years specifically in consumer, commercial and private-label credit cards.  He holds a B.S. of Finance degree from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.