Breakout Session #10 & #13

Charles Blake

Be an Account Resolver, Not A Payment Beggar
Charles Blake, Blake Credit Union Services

Professionally speaking, we all have a full plate.  This is especially true for collectors.  Your job is never done.  You would think that as collectors we would find a way to make our job easier and yet we routinely do things that literally double our workload.  Why are you working yourself to death?  Find out why the most successful collectors are the "lazy collectors".  You can accomplish twice as much with half the effort!

About Charles Blake

Mr. Blake began his career in the financial industry in 1977 when he joined the Household Finance Corporation as a Branch Representative in Ohio. He rapidly advanced to the position of Branch Manager. During his time with HFC he developed his skills in credit extension, delinquency control and personnel development. In 1980 he moved to Houston, Texas where he joined Allied Bancshares as an AVP in their consumer lending division. This move happened to coincide with the start of the first economic downturn in Houston in decades which came to be known as the oil bust of the 1980's. It was while he was working with Allied, through a friendship with a fellow employee who also had a job at a local credit union, that he became acquainted with the unique characteristics and needs of the credit union movement. He found that he really liked the “personal touch”, the almost “caretaker mentality” that credit unions exhibited toward their members and he decided that he wanted to be part of it. On March 15, 1982 he formed the company that today has grown to become Blake Credit Union Services, Inc. which has dealt exclusively with credit unions for over 30 years.