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Jim Kasch

Lead with Lending: The Best Way to Serve Millennials
Jim Kasch, Canidae Consulting

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Most credit unions need to attract younger members, and millennial consumers are a very specific audience.  There’s no better way to attract and serve them than through consumer lending. Even though most credit unions crave a younger audience, few of them are truly prepared to serve them well.  In this session, you will learn ways your credit union may need to enhance its lending programs to appeal and serve this coveted demographic.  Some credit unions need minor adjustments, some require major overhauls, but every attendee will learn valuable lessons.

About Jim Kasch

Founded by Jim Kasch, Canidae Consulting delivers clever solutions to credit unions across the country.  If it’s a clever credit union solution, they probably had a hand, er, paw, in it.

As a Financial Services veteran, in 2010 Jim launched Darden Employees Federal Credit Union (DCU), which served the 200,000 employees of Darden Restaurants, Inc. (The Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, et al.)  More than half of those employees are Millennials.

Over five years, DCU developed strategies, products, services and delivery channels to serve Millennial members.  Membership in the credit union grew 400%, assets grew 400%, loans grew 600%, and income grew 800%.

Jim has spent the last three years speaking to credit union leaders across the country about the industry's opportunity to thrive in the future, if only we know how to relate to and serve these unique members.

In 2015 he launched Canidae Consulting to work more directly with credit unions in order to prepare them to capture this exciting opportunity by integrating a foundation of member intelligence into strategic plan development.

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