Closing General Session

Brad Montgomery

Laugh-O-Nomics - Connecting Happiness at Work to Business Success
Brad Montgomery, Brad Montgomery Productions

According to Webster’s Dictionary “Laugh-O-Nomics” means …… Ok, you got us— it’s not in the Dictionary. Yet! The science is clear: happy people perform better than their unhappy peers. Learn the hows and whys of happiness as it relates to your life and your job. You’ll learn some of the science behind happiness; but even better, you’ll learn some surprisingly simple techniques to incorporate immediately at work and at home that will make you — and your organization — happier! Common sense tells us that happiness is good; it turns out that science backs it up. And lucky you, happiness is a strategy that we can breakdown into skills that you can start using today. You’ll leave with specific techniques you can incorporate today to make yourself happier (and more successful at work) today.

About Brad Montgomery

Brad teaches people how to use happiness to boost productivity, creativity, innovation & sales. He turns typical meetings into transformational events using, the power of happiness. Oh, and he’s pretty funny. Brad has transformed audiences in all 50 states and on four continents. His clients include Microsoft, Verizon, The FBI (yes, that FBI) the CIA (yes, that CIA) and the IRS (where he withheld 30% of his best strategies.) Brad specializes in using uses humor, interactivity, sound, music and visuals to ignite audiences so that they can use happiness as a tool in their lives and their jobs. Other speakers TALK about happiness. But Brad SHOWS them how to harness the power of happiness in hands-on, experiences that they’ll remember and implement. It’s the difference between a “speech” and an “event.” Brad graduated from Brown University, and has earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation, which is the highest earned award from the National Speakers Association. (Fewer than 7% of speakers worldwide have earned the CSP.) Brad joined John Gray (of Mars/Venus fame) and Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup renown) to write Mission Possible. He has also co-authored, produced and published Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter, as well as Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter. Brad lives in Centennial, Colorado with his wife and three kids. Although he is proud of his many awards and national credits, he’s convinced that his best feats so far are his kids.