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Success Always Comes When Preparation Meets Opportunity
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6:40 AM

Howard Bufe, AVP, Credit Union Resources

Whatever you do, don’t ignore the elephant in the room called Average. The one thing we can’t afford to ignore is this adage: “Today’s excellence is tomorrow’s mediocrity.” 

Our lives are changing rapidly. We’ve all heard the quote by Heraclitus: “The only thing constant is change.” Many of us have served our members extremely well, and we’ve done it with purpose, passion, and dedication; but don’t let complacency get hold of your mindset. We can enjoy the success of our past, but we must consistently plan for future opportunities.

I love the quote, “If you chase two rabbits, both will get away.” What’s your niche? What do you do best? Our members' needs and desires will continue to change and adapt to the world around them, and it’s important that we do the same. Only when we have planned and prepared are we able to step into their world and fill their needs. 

You will never find your future in your past, and that means we cannot afford to be chained to our past by our lack of preparation. Identify your vision of what you want to become, and focus on it. The visionaries of your credit union may be one of three types of individuals:

  • Yesterday people – Those from the past who continually try to drag you into the past.
  • Today people – Those willing to accept where we are and have some role to play in helping fulfill the present assignment.
  • Future bearers (tomorrow people) – Those who are undeniably tied to helping you enter the future. They have been where you want to go. They are the only ones who can take you into a better tomorrow. Very few individuals ever access future bearers, because quite frankly, the qualifications are very high.

Address the elephant in the room. Move past the yesterday people, listen to the today people, and learn from the future bearers or the tomorrow people. Plan and be prepared for the future, because “Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”