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Soltis Anderson Talks Millennial Misperceptions at CUNA GAC
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 6:45 AM

Republican pollster, television personality, and writer Kristen Soltis Anderson presented at yesterday's CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference about Millennial Misperceptions.

Millennials are now 75 million strong, larger than Baby Boomers as a share of eligible voters. Soltis Anderson, who is a Millennial herself, spoke of her generation (those born in the '80s and '90s) and their resistance to the Millennial label—so much so that older millennials have begun calling themselves X-ennials.

Soltis Anderson describes two coalitions in America, the coalition of restoration and the coalition of transformation, in terms of economic change, cultural change, and technological change. Millennials are part of the coalition of transformation, she said, adding that the millennial generation is culturally diverse with barely over half considered to be white/non-Hispanic.

She advises credit unions leaders to pay attention to what young people believe. "As a generation, we don’t love labels," she said, "so be careful with labels and assumptions."

She suggests also trying to understand the world in which these young people came of age, which includes years of financial crisis, student loan debt, record divorces, etc.

Before we commit to something, Soltis Anderson says, we will be in the consideration mindset for a long time. "We want to be sure," she reiterated because her generation is risk averse and phobic about commitment.

She noted that Millennials have expectations for people they deal with that centers around speed, transparency, and accountability. They ask if you're taking care of things, and whether that is fair and just.

The words she uses to describe her generation are intelligent, caring, hard-working, and responsible.