Small Credit Union Resources

With a large percentage of credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas designated as small credit unions, the Cornerstone Credit Union League has dedicated many resources to help these credit unions thrive, grow and continue to succeed. By providing targeted education and training, regulatory and compliance assistance, Hot Topics notifications and operational guidance, we are poised to assist in meeting the needs of all smaller institutions and help them address their unique challenges and opportunities.

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Small Credit Union Committee

The mission of this committee is to ensure first hand insight into the needs of small credit unions, giving them an empowering voice. Within the committee, four working teams exist to provide a concentrated focus in the areas of Advocacy, Communications, Education and Resources. The committee is appointed by the Cornerstone Credit Union League Board Chairman and is comprised of credit union leaders from various chapter areas across Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. The members serve as a contact in their area, facilitating quarterly meetings to provide training and networking opportunities.

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Small Credit Union Training & Education

Cornerstone Credit Union League offers training specific to the needs of small credit unions. Training is offered throughout the year at workshops, boot camps and area chapter meetings.

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No Cost Registration for League Conferences

Cornerstone Credit Union League affiliated credit unions with $10 million in assets and under (based on assets as of year-end) are allowed free registration to five major League Conferences: Annual Meeting, HR, Compliance & Audit Conference, Volunteers' Forum, Leadership Conference and Marketing & Business Development Conference. This offer is limited to one free registration per credit union for each of these conferences.

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Check-It-Out Library

Providing on-going education opportunities, the Check-It-Out Library provides inexpensive and convenient access to credit union books, webinars, and DVDs. There is no charge with the exception of shipping the items back to the League. The service is available to affiliated credit unions under $35 million in assets.

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Small Credit Union Chapter Area Meetings

Regular meetings are held in respective chapter areas focusing on small credit union issues, and providing an excellent opportunity to network. The meeting is coordinated by the Small CU Committee member representing the chapter area and is available free or low-cost.

CUNA CPD Online Training Program

CPD Online is an online training resource offered through CUNA that is specific to the credit union industry’s training needs. This online training program offers over 350 training courses that include everything from Accounting, Budgeting and Finance courses to Volunteer courses and everything in between. Preferred pricing is available for credit unions with assets under $50M and even deeper discounts for credit unions under $20M in assets.

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Tools & Handouts

We continuously strive to provide helpful resources and tools to help small credit unions grow and thrive. The League offers many handouts, a required policies list, and several presentations from various small credit union workshops held.

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