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SCMS Teachers Will Challenge Traditional Thinking at Upcoming Summer Session
Monday, March 25, 2013 7:45 AM

As a credit union leader at the Southwest CUNA Management School (SCMS), credit union leaders are primed with the skills to execute a top-notch management strategy for their credit unions back home. This summer, SCMS will be leading courses that challenge credit union leaders’ thinking, development and strategy to help them grow their knowledge of the credit union industry.

In the current business landscape, being a leader isn’t easy – incredibly unstable capital markets, a high unemployment rate and poor economy, and ever-changing policies from Washington make the everyday challenges of maintaining a credit union, keeping members happy and increasing membership that much harder.

But David Goldsmith, president of Goldsmith Organization, LLC and author of Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit to Redefining Your Future says that leaders are “the ultimate salespeople,” regardless of whether they’re selling products or services. But, few of these key decision makers have actually taken a sales course.

This summer, Goldsmith will teach “Paid to Think – Strategic Leadership Insights, Tools & Tips” on the first day of SCMS classes for first-year students. In this course, students will learn:

  • Twelve specific activities every leader should be skilled at to create rapid growth and increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Assumptions preventing leaders from making rapid progress toward overall desired outcomes, and what leaders can change to easily overcome these obstacles
  • How to rethink the current strategic and tactical model to bring clarity to daily activities
  • What leadership is responsible for avoiding disasters
  • The rationale behind the phrase, “All management exists in the future,” and what leaders can do to bring even greater leadership to those they manage
  • The secret, counter-intuitive executive selling approach to achieve the types of immediate results that transform careers and organizations

For second-year students looking to improve their personal development, Tina K. Hall of CUDE will teach “The 10 Elements of Extraordinary Performance: Why Talent Doesn’t Matter.” In this full-day course, Hall will explain why talent is irrelevant in terms of personal development, as extraordinary personal performance is simply a function of strategy and tactic.

Hall co-authored a paper with a professor from The Center for Leadership at Seattle University on this topic. Students in her course will draw from her research and additional resources to learn how to engage in their own development and fashion a different model of personal and team performance.

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