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Retirement Fair Now Available through TCUF
Wednesday, April 3, 2013 6:35 AM

The National Credit Union Foundation’s (NCUF) REAL Solutions Program, in cooperation with the CUNA Mutual Group, has developed Retirement Fairs to assist credit unions help their member and staff better prepare for retirement.  The fair, which is designed to have people think more carefully about the type of lifestyle they would like to pursue in retirement and then link it to their financial plan, is now being made available to Texas credit unions.

The Retirement Fair consists of the following materials:

  • Nine Booth Posters
  • Nine Easels
  • Booth overview guides
  • Participant Lifestyle worksheet
  • Calculate My Numbers worksheet
  • What’s Next? Worksheets
  • Folders for attendees
  • Orientation PP Presentation, including notes
  • Debriefing PP Presentation, including notes

The Retirement Fair is being made available to all Texas REAL Solutions credit unions at no charge.  REAL Solutions credit unions will only need to pay for shipping and printing costs if applicable.  Chapters with at least one REAL Solutions credit union can also utilize the fair at no charge, and will only need to pay for applicable shipping and printing costs.  Non-REAL Solutions credit unions can still take advantage of the Retirement Fair at a cost of $500.

The Retirement Fair is very similar to the CU 4 Financial Reality Fair.  Participants visit seven lifestyle booths during the fair.  At each booth they will ponder a series of questions, making assessments about how much they will most likely spend on that aspect of their retirement lifestyle. After visiting each booth they then hear how to link their lifestyle choices to their retirement savings. They are strongly encouraged to get detailed advice from a retirement planner who will help them assess whether they are on track to be able to finance the lifestyle options they chose. The process can take between 45 and 60 minutes to complete.

The fair is applicable to people of all ages, not just those nearing retirement. It is designed to not only help people adequately save for retirement but it encourages people to plan for all lifestyle aspects of their retirement.

Credit unions interested in learning more about the Retirement Fair should contact the Texas Credit Union Foundation, at (800) 953-8283.