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Cornerstone, CUNA Use MAP to Back Texas Initiatives
Monday, November 6, 2017 6:50 AM

Cornerstone Credit Union League, CUNA, and credit unions are using CUNA’s Member Activation Program (MAP) to build support for two credit-union supported amendments to the Texas constitution that are on the ballot Tuesday. The measures would modernize home equity lending laws and allow for prize-linked savings accounts in Texas.

MAP helps credit unions that are part of the program to activate their members to advocate on their behalf, through CUNA-provided content on advocacy issues that can be tailored as each credit union sees fit.

“Educating Texas voters, particularly credit union members, about the benefits of Prop 2 and Prop 7 is key to passing both measures. This is an even tougher mission given the low voter turnout,” said Caroline Willard, president/CEO of the Cornerstone Credit Union League. “CUNA has been a tremendous help to our efforts at the Cornerstone League to pass Prop 2 and Prop 7."

“The nearly 8.5 million credit union members in Texas, will see real benefits as borrowers and savers if Propositions 2 and 7 pass on Tuesday,” Willard added. “MAP offers a perfect chance to directly communicate with voters who can make a huge impact at the polls, and there’s still time to get involved. We hope all credit unions serving Texas members will take advantage of this opportunity using the MAP program to send an email to their Texas members educating them about the benefits of Prop 2 and Prop 7.”

Specifically, the propositions on the ballot are:

  • Proposition 2, which would modernize home equity lending law by giving borrowers the option to refinance a home equity loan into a conventional loan, providing access to additional options and lower rate products, rather than being limited to only refinancing into a home equity loan; and
  • Proposition 7, which would allow credit unions and other financial institutions to offer prize-linked savings accounts.

In addition to MAP, CUNA and the Cornerstone Credit Union League have engaged in social media advertisements and direct mail efforts to garner support for the two initiatives.