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Red River FCU Donates Stuffed Toys to First Responders
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 6:55 AM

Red River Stuffed Animal Donations
Red River Federal Credit Union Marketing Assistant Mary Schreiner with Director of Marketing Patricia Cunningham and Procom Purchasing Officer Jennifer Lewis.

Red River Federal Credit Union is no stranger to giving back to the communities it serves, so when Patricia Cunningham, marketing director with RRFCU, received a request for some gently used stuffed animals that would be given to local firefighters, paramedics, and police officers, a message was sent to the entire credit union. Before long, Patricia’s office was overflowing with stuffed animals that still had plenty of hugs left to give.

The purpose of the stuffed toys is to help first responders comfort children when they answer calls where children are involved. A local company, Procom, operates and services the communications centers for many of the dispatch centers and two-way radio systems in the area. They are in contact with some of the first responders in the four-state area they serve and have become a distribution center for the stuffed animals. Procom was thrilled to receive over 120 stuffed toys from RRFCU. 

Red River Stuffed AnimalsJacky Young, a Procom technician, shared a story about one officer who had arrived at a scene where a toddler was locked in a vehicle alone. The child was not cooperating with the parent or the officer. Because officers are no longer allowed to use devices to unlock the vehicle themselves and this officer did not want to bust the window, he was able to use the stuffed animal in his patrol car to tempt the child to push the button to unlock the car. Fortunately, it worked. The child pushed the button, unlocked the door, and received his stuffed toy. 

“The stuffed animals I donated were just dust collectors in my home," said Cunningham, director of marketing and business development. "My son did not play with them, and it was just another item taking up space. I would have donated them to some organization, therefore, giving them to Procom gave those animals a purpose beyond making a child happy.”

Red River Stuffed Animal Donations
Receiving stuffed animals from Red River Federal Credit Union are Procom Purchasing Officer Jennifer Lewis and Technician Jacky Young.

In the past, Red River Federal Credit Union has donated to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Randy Sam’s Shelter, United Way, and many other agencies in town. 

“This is just one example of how Red River Credit Union gives back to our community,” said John Stephens, SVP of corporate communications and acquisitions. 

For more information about Red River Federal Credit Union, please visit the RRFCU website.