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Erin Coleman

What to Do Now for Your Future Mobile Strategy
Erin Coleman, Filene Research Institute

When you want to learn about what’s really working, you cut to the chase and go straight to the source. Filene headed to Silicon Valley – the heart of all things mobile and technology – and also partnered with Stanford University to learn about the real deal behind mobile and its potential to be a transformative force. (And we all know it’s going to.)

So what should you be doing now when it comes to your mobile capabilities of the future? Getting started despite limitations, collaboration with other credit unions and understanding how to quantify success in the mobile arena are just a few things.


  • Actionable plan that is feasible as soon as you walk back into your credit union

About Erin Coleman

Erin is a spirited credit union advocate with an internal compass that points to making the world a better place. She places deep value on learning, honesty, and integrity. As Filene's Senior Impact Director, Erin will help credit unions create and execute on actionable strategies that will help solve their challenges and achieve their goals. With more than two decades experience in the credit union industry, Erin is your go-to-gal. Erin graduated from Eckerd College Honors program with a dual BA degree in Cultural Anthropology and International Studies. When she's not working with her credit union peeps, you can find Erin taking in the sunrise along Tampa Bay with her dog Tembo, paddle boarding, dreaming of her next big international travel adventure, or figuring out how to spend more time celebrating friends and family.

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