Breakout Session #3

Nish Modi

Making Data Your Best Digital Transformation Asset
Nish Modi, CO-OP Financial Services

Today’s members aren’t benchmarking credit unions against financial institutions; they’re comparing them to all the experiences they receive from increasingly digital brands like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple. Data and the analytics applied to it drives every surprising and delightful experience these tech-forward companies produce. Credit unions can do the same. In fact, they must. Nish Modi presents some keys to turning data into a credit unions best-performing and most lucrative digital transformation asset.

About Nish Modi

Nish Modi joined CO-OP Financial Services in September 2017 as the company’s Vice President, Digital and Business Intelligence Strategy & Product. Nish is an executive, innovator and advisor with more than 20 years of experience in product innovation, technology, strategy and leadership in Finserv, Fintech, Payments and eCommerce industry. He is the owner of three patents that are transforming the payments industry.

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