The Evolving Role of the Branch Webinar

Hosted by: Operations Council

Sean Keathley, president of Adrenaline, studies global trends and best practices from visiting retail outlets all over the world. His insights reveal some common obstacles the financial industry is facing today. Keathley's presentation will focus on the commonalities and trends that will help you attract and retain customers. Specifically, Keathley will discuss:

  1. The integration of technology into the overall physical experience
  2. How to attract the next generation of customer to the credit union
  3. How to deal with an aging, antiquated, and irrelevant branch network

Which disruptive changes are having the biggest impact?
Consumers are migrating toward digital channels to manage their day-to-day transactions. Now that people feel more confident doing their central finances via mobile devices, they no longer need to visit branches for menial tasks. The dilemma the financial industry faces is that most interactions are built on transactions. They have to redesign branch legacy sites to realign them with the digital world and the shifting preferences of the consumers.

What are the challenges to integrating new technology in these credit union branches?
Money and regulatory pressures. Conserving capital. Not investing in brand assets. There's also a paralysis caused by over-analyzing the solution. Credit unions always want to prove something before they spend any money on it. The cycle of them executing good retail strategies is so slow because they analyze it to death. By the time they launch it, it's irrelevant. That's the biggest challenge right now. The consumer expects that you'll stay current with their needs, and not the needs or budget of the credit union.

How do you work through that problem?
They see the challenge that they're facing once we explain it. They see the challenge of updating hardware, etc. One of our philosophies is to align the brand with the place and the culture, so we can deliver consistently across all channels. The "place" is both physical and digital, so it must serve the customers. There's a need for credit unions to invest in people and training as well, so they're leveraging their investment correctly. It all goes back to the idea of the Universal Banker.

Date: June 16, 2015
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


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About the Presenter - Sean Keathley

Sean KeathleyAs President of Adrenaline, Sean brings a wealth of experience from the worlds of marketing, business development, management and client relations.

Sean’s leadership integrates all of Adrenaline’s disciplines, from strategy and planning to design and implementation. His expertise lies in retail design and brand enhancement projects that accelerate growth and build competitive advantage for clients. He has partnered with the likes of Charles Schwab, Capital One, Macy’s, Ticketmaster, Wells Fargo and numerous others to create sustainable programs. As a visionary thought-leader, he speaks around the globe about trends, technology and industry happenings.