Non-Member Surveys

Clearly, entering new markets and gaining members outside of your current membership base is essential to the growth of your credit union. Unfortunately, it is often more difficult to obtain useful feedback from non-members. So how can you reach this group and understand their opinions and behavior, as well as their wants and needs, with regard to financial services? How can you get answers to the following:

  • Are non-members aware of your credit union? If so, how did they become aware?
  • What is your credit union’s image among non-members? Is it favorable? Why or why not?
  • Would non-members be likely to join your credit union?
  • What would compel non-members to join?
  • What are non-members’ financial goals?
  • What particular products and services do they desire?
  • When it comes to technology services, what do they require?
  • How do non-members want to access financial institutions?
  • How strong is their relationship with their current Primary Financial Institution?
  • What would compel them to switch PFIs?

The Logistics

With so many potential topics to cover, and the difficulty of finding willing respondents, FOCUS is imperative. We specialize in prioritizing goals, contacting target markets of potential members, and developing actionable insights.

Our non-member surveys are conducted online among a panel of participants who meet your specific sampling criteria. Our goal is 400 respondents, and, as with all our surveys, we cross tabulate the survey results by demographic variables such as age and residential ZIP Code in order to facilitate target marketing. We also perform statistical significance testing on the findings and provide verbatim written feedback from respondents.  

To obtain a quote for conducting a non-member survey, or if you have any questions, please contact Doug Foister at 469-385-6477 or 800-422-5762, ext. 6477, or email