Closing Session

Lee Wetherington

The Innovation Question: What, How & Why Now?
Lee Wetherington, ProfitStar

The public perceives financial institutions as “laggards in innovation.” No wonder. As regulated, risk-averse entities, financial institutions aren’t inclined to ‘fail fast and often’ as innovation requires. Moreover, many financial institutions dedicate their most skilled talent to complying with regulations rather than pioneering better member experiences and service. Even innovation ain’t what it used to be. Innovation today requires more than successful execution of product strategy and delivery; it requires successful management of ecosystems of vendors, partners, and regulators. Join Lee Wetherington for a sobering look at what it takes to innovate successfully in financial services, and learn what you need to know to assess risk accurately, focus resources smartly, and increase your credit union’s probability for success in the new era of mobile and big data.

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