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Nearly 40 Billion U.S. Purchase Transactions in First Six Months of 2015
Friday, August 28, 2015 6:45 AM

During the first half of the year, consumers in the U.S. generated 39.58 billion purchase transactions for goods and services at merchants using their cards. The average transaction size was $67.49.

Credit cards were used for slightly more than half of the purchases, rounding to 53 percent of all purchases. Debit and prepaid cards made up the remainder.

$2.7 Trillion in Purchases Using Cards

Visa prevailed in both the debit and credit card market. In the credit card arena, Visa was used more than twice as much as its nearest competitor, American Express. However, average purchase size was significantly different. While customers used a Visa card to make an average purchase of $86.70, American Express customers used their cards for an average purchase of $145.56. MasterCard credit purchases averaged $94.05 while Discover cards were used for average purchases of $62.94.

Dollar volumes on Visa debit and prepaid cards were more than double those on MasterCard, commanding 70 percent of all the purchases. Average transactions on a Visa debit card were $49.91, while average purchases on a MasterCard debit were slightly higher at $52.20.

$2.7 Trillion Purchased Using Cards

Overall, U.S. consumers put slightly more than $1.4 trillion on their credit cards during the first six months of the year. In the United States, Visa has a 58.3 percent market share in dollar volume of purchases and 64.5 percent market share in transactions.

Source:  Cornerstone Research, 17 August 2015